Our Story

Our Co-Founders saw an opportunity to re-imagine the food distribution space. Today, a few large companies distribute the majority of the food we eat, but at what cost? At DesJardins, we strive to make healthy food accessible to our American community at large, while facilitating the growth of niche, international, climate conscious, and healthy products.

As a startup of young entrepreneurs, we view our small scale as an asset — our size allows us to handpick the brands we work with to ensure they share our social values, specifically those who lead with integrity, give back to their communities, and opt for sustainable ingredients whenever possible. We strive to help increase access to healthy foods in our communities as well as connect people with new, interesting and unique items. 

In the future, we plan on registering as a B-Corp. We believe that all businesses have a responsibility to give back to the community and the world at large. We hope to inspire other entrepreneurs/businesses to make sustainability a part of their business plans!